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Learning about the Water Cycle.

Small School to Ensure Community ~ Environment of Mutual Respect/Child-Centeredness ~ Priority on Developing Child’s Sense of Self-Worth ~ Commitment to Meeting Children’s Needs Emotionally, Socially, Physically as well as Academically ~ Stimulation of Child’s Creativity and Preservation of the Nature Desire to Learn ~ Creation of Real-Life Situations to Make Learning Meaningful ~ Choices and Respect of Other’s Choices ~ Multi-age Grouping – Students Progress at Individual Speed ~  Shared Decision-Making in a Democratic Atmosphere ~ Students are Self-Motivated and Responsible ~ Students Learn to Self-Evaluate, Learn by Mistakes and Set Appropriate Goals

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OAS Site Council
Date: 1/23/2017, 3 PM 5 PM
OAS Tour
Date: 1/25/2017, 9 AM 10 AM
OAS Tour
Date: 1/31/2017, 9 AM 10 AM
OAS Tour
Date: 2/1/2017, 9 AM 10 AM
OAS 100th Day of School
Date: 2/3/2017

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