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Principal's Message



Parent Square Guidelines

Please make sure that the following guidelines are followed

All postings must be approved by the office prior to publishing on Parent Square. If not approved by the office the postings will be removed.  Date, Time, and Location must be included in the message
Postings can’t be non-school related (ie. birthdays, yard sales, etc.)
No inappropriate responses (such as gossip, bickering, etc.)
If you have questions, please contact the office



Volunteers at school need to remember to sign-in at the office.
Please remember to close the rainbow gate when you enter and leave the school.  Please try to be on time to pick up your student(s) at dismissal. Teachers volunteer to walk students to the pine trees to be picked up. On many days, teachers need to leave campus to go to other school sites for professional development or attend staff meetings at OAS. When children are not picked up on time this has a huge impact for teachers.


Absences and Tardies

When students have unexcused absences this affects our school funding.  Please remember that you need to get your child to school on time and that tardies are recorded into your student’s academic record.

Attendance Facts

Why is attendance such a big issue?

Regular attendance is vital to student’s success in school. The student, who is frequently absent, misses social 
interaction and direct instruction from his/her teachers even though written work can be made up. Any day or hour absent is a missed learning opportunity.
 Attendance is a key predictor of dropouts. Dropouts create economic loss and
 jeopardize future work force since only 31% of dropouts keep a job more than a 
year. Also school loses funding for each absence, regardless of the reason;
 including illness or excused absences.

I thought schools got “paid” when kids are out ill/”excused”?

Schools do NOT receive funding even if the absence is excused.
This law went into effect in 1998. Any absence is a loss of revenue as well as 
instructional opportunities

How much revenue is really lost due to attendance?

The State of California funds attendance not absences. That is why schools in California are funded on Average Daily Attendance (ADA). ADA is the
primary funding source for all schools/school districts in California.


Thank you all for trying to be attentive to these very important school protocols. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitant to contact the school.