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Special Programs

Special Programs


Theater, Music And Art Program: Theater Arts encompass several core values of the OAS community and provide amazing opportunities for children to develop self-confidence, poise, ownership of responsibility and teamwork skills. Every class puts on its own musical play with help from professional directors. Students and parents are involved in every part of the process, from choosing the play to developing characters, memorizing lines, learning choreography, building the stage and collaborating on costumes. OAS encourages field trips to allow classes to attend theater and musical performances in the community and also brings to campus artists, musicians, poets, storytellers and dancers to teach and perform for students.

Outdoor Education: Central to the OAS educational philosophy is to give children educational experiences in their natural world to build respect, understanding, meaningful connections, self-confidence, and personal responsibility. Annual camping trips (2nd –6th grade), Day in the Park in celebration of Earth Day, field trips to natural and cultural preserves, whale watching, and Outdoor Camp for 6th graders provide a rich variety of experiences for our students.

Organic Garden and Healthy Lunch Program: OAS is a pioneer and a leader in the use of organic gardening as an innovative instructional tool to teach science, health and nutrition. The OAS garden employs Organic, Biodynamic, and French Intensive techniques. Students regularly participate in the garden, and the garden activity is readily incorporated into all areas of the curriculum. The produce grown is used in the healthy lunch program, and provides seasonal snacks and unusual art projects.